Wobble Stool

Size Guide



For the active super learners, the flexi stool is a colourful and versatile option for the classroom or home. It creates an active learning environment where physical movement is used to support focus, memory and cognitive development.  It also encourages mobility and core strength.  

It's excellent for the general classroom as well as children with ADHD and/or SPD due to its active movement.  It is compact and lightweight, and features a non-slip, rounded base.  

Each stool measures 33cm in diameter.

Only available in a lovely soft blue.


When the user is sitting on the stool with their feet out in front of them, their feet need be flat on the floor whilst their knees and hips form right angles.

Their knees should not be lower than their hips as this would cause them to be tipping forwards constantly and would affect the theraputic use of the stool PLUS increase the risk of it becoming a distraction and risk of tipping over.

For those buying their first wobble stool and ordering online, you can measure the height from the floor to the top of their knees... and choose a stool closest to this height.

General Guide:
31cm stool = kindy, prep & grade 1;
37cm stool = grades 1 - 4
45cm stool = grades 4 and up

This size guide is dependant on whether your child is overly short or tall for their age.