Wobble Stool


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Does your Little Super Hero like to move around a lot when they're sitting at a desk or table?

Do they need encouragement to improve their core strength, co-ordination, balance and posture?

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They may benefit from a Wobble Stool (AKA Flexi Stool / Bloom Stool / Hokki Stool) as it creates an 'active learning environment' where physical movement is used to support focus, memory and cognitive development.  It also encourages mobility and core strength.

The Wobble Stool is such a versatile option for the classroom or home, not just for children with ADHD or Sensory Processing Disorder, but also for neuro-typical students to use in the classroom if their brain is needing active movement in order to focus on a particular day.  They're a great tool to have available for everyone (even for adults)!

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  • Compact and lightweight
  • Non-slip rounded base
  • Sitting surface: 33cm in diameter
  • Colour: Blue

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(approximate only - please measure as well)

  • 31cm stool = kindy, prep & grade 1
  • 37cm stool = grades 1 - 4
  • 45cm stool = grades 4 and up

The above size guide gives an approximate idea, however please measure from the ground to the top of the user's knees and choose a stool closest to this height.  When the user is sitting on the stool with their feet out in front of them, it's important that their feet can be flat on the floor whilst their knees and hips form right angles.  It's important that the user's knees are not lower than their hips as this would cause them to be tipping forwards constantly and would affect the safety and therapeutic use of the stool PLUS increase the risk of it becoming a distraction and risk of tipping over.

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  • The Wobble Stool is not a stationary chair and it's base in unstable.
  • Do not kneel or stand on the Wobble Stool.
  • Do not lean back. 
  • Only sit on Wobble Stool if both of your feet are planted flat on the ground supporting your bodyweight and use extreme caution (do not remove feet from ground and rest them on the stool base). 
  • Not designed to be stored outdoors or left in direct sunlight for extended periods