Body Sock


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Body Socks are a very popular tool with children as they provide a really fun (and hilarious) way to work on many therapy goals whilst giving strong and calming sensory input, without it feeling like ‘therapy’ or ‘hard work’.

Body Socks are very versatile, as they are ideal for Little Super Heroes that:

  • need to burn off some energy whilst indoors (they provide resistance when you move in them)
  • need more sensory feedback to know where their body is in space (the joint compression provided by the compression helps with low body awareness)
  • need help with self-regulation
  • crave movement and deep pressure or joint compression input (vestibular & proprioceptive)
  • enjoy soft tactile input
  • have difficulties with coordinating motor movements
  • have low muscle tone, or
  • need help to calm anxiety or an over-stimulated nervous system

For Little Super Heroes that often experience anxiety or sensory overload, a Body Sock is a great tool to have with you anywhere as it provides an instant and easy solution for wanting to hide and feel safe and comfortable.

We have designed our special body socks with super soft, stretchy, breathable and see-through lycra fabric, and a reinforced elastic opening with stud fasteners (instead of scratchy Velcro).  They are made from high quality materials and are durable enough for use at home, schools or therapy clinics.  The entrance hole can also be positioned to suit your child, whether they want to keep their head out, or become completely covered.

Little Super Heroes will enjoy a range of activities and games:

  • use a mirror to strike different poses
  • use a lamp in a dark room to create silhouettes
  • use in imagination play to create whatever they like
  • for more of a challenge, ask them to complete tasks that would be simple outside the sock but more difficult in it (like walking across a room to pick up an item off a table)

Our Body Socks are the perfect addition for any child or adult living with Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder or PTSD, by providing calming sensory input.


  • Small = 70cm x 100cm (for children up to 1.1m tall)
  • Medium = 70cm x 120cm (for children up to 1.3m tall)
  • Large = 72cm x 140cm (for children up to 1.5m tall)
  • NOTE: as a guide you want your child to be slightly taller than the body sock (these need to be tight!), so if your child is in-between two sizes then consider going down a size


  • Materials = 88% Nylon, 12% Lycra Spandex (not super shiny, feels very soft)
  • Colour Options = Navy Blue only


  • for use by children over 3 years
  • active adult supervision is advisable for all ages
  • not intended for sleeping in
  • CAUTION: keep away from heat and flame


  • You may want to hand wash / rinse before use due to slight manufacturing smell that some Little Super Heroes will notice more than others
  • Do not wash with harsh chemicals (for example bleach)
  • Do not place in the same wash as something with Velcro
  • Cold machine wash with similar colours
  • Do not iron or dry-clean
  • The use of a delicates bag is recommended
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Wash Before Use
  • Keep Away From Sharp Objects