We're all about Sensory Equipment & 'Brain Care'

Through healing love, creative courage and contagious curiosity, we as a Sensory Super Heroes community can beat our butterfly wings and ripple our change across the globe, shepherding in a new era of acceptance and belonging... and lifting up all little super heroes as they shine brightly and show us the way.

- - -

Sensory Super Heroes is owned and run by Aussie Mums diagnosed as adults as Autistic & ADHD, and raising children with the same wiring. We are all about helping 'little super heroes' like us and our kids... and passing on the knowledge we have gained.

Jenna Schade

I'm the founding owner of Sensory Super Heroes and I LOVE what I get to do every day! I feel so blessed to be working with my family and also connecting with other parents of 'Little Super Heroes' over the last 5 years.

I am proudly Autistic, ADHD & have a PDA profile. Our youngest daughter Chloe runs the same wiring, and my husband is ADHD. In our home we talk about our strengths, and find creative ways to overcome things that are tricky for us (Chloe calls them 'Life Hacks').

I grew up on acreage in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and studied business at University before working in a number of business settings and industries over next 15 years. 

I live with my two daughters in the Moreton Bay Region, north of Brisbane.  Chloe's diagnosis process led me to research and learn a great deal about sensory needs and autism.  This tied in perfectly with my already strong interest child development, health and family dynamics as well as my love of working in small business in order to help others... and so Sensory Super Heroes is my passion!

In my down-time I love riding my bike, walking my Labradoodle ('Maitland'), playing games with my daughters, meeting up with friends for a coffee and going for a hike in the Glass House Mountains.

It's so easy being green

At Sensory Super Heroes, we are proud to say that we are a family owned and run Aussie business! We love our beautiful country and of course want to protect our fauna, flora and ecosystems, teach our children to live sustainably, and leave as little impact as possible when we go about our business and deliver our products to you!

We have teamed up with our friends at HERO PACKAGING ( to use compostable mailing satchels.

We have also connected with BioGone ( to use landfill-biodegradable packing tape and compostable bin liners in our offices and homes.

We use as much non-plastic & reusable packaging as possible, for example we use calico drawstring bags & paper bags (and brown paper to wrap little
orders 😍)

ALL of our cardboard boxes and stuffing / filling is re-used from other businesses that have donated them to us rather than putting them in the bin.

When we decide to do something we REALLY commit to it! And going ‘green’ is a no-brainer! We can all play our small part ❤️🌏

We give back

We absolutely love "paying it forward" as often as we can. We donate parcels and raffle prizes to schools and organisations that support the most marginalised in our community.

We also hire workers with disabilities and new Mum's looking to re-enter the workforce in a gentle and joyous way, for a few hours a week.

We send essential therapy items all over Australia