We give back

We absolutely love "paying it forward" as often as we can. We donate parcels and raffle prizes to school and organisations that support the most marginalised in our community.

We also hire workers with disabilities and new Mum's looking to re-enter the workforce in a gentle and joyous way for a few hours a week.

Family Business

Sensory Super Heroes is a family business owned by Autistic & ADHD women raising neuro-divergent children. We work closely with OTs and other professionals in the industry, and love to continually learn and expand our minds.

In 2017 we created this store and an online community with the mission of supporting and educating the families and professionals of all 'Little Super Heroes' with traits of Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and SPD.

Our products are now reaching all types of families and homes in Australia, and can also be found in hospitals, libraries, schools, day care centres, churches, allied health clinics and shopping centres!

We're passionate about supporting families, children and young adults with equipment, education, love and understanding. ❤