Calming Swing Ceiling Anchor Plate Kit


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The ceiling anchor plate is designed for use in concrete, brick or wood ceilings.

It uses 4 sleeve anchor expansion bolts when used in concrete or brick, or 4 wood screws when used in wood for a sturdy hold. It then uses a carabiner and strap with 6 loops for selecting the desired hanging height. The anchor plate is a good option when you want something more solid than a screw hook, or when you need to install in concrete or brick (which some hooks won't allow). 

Available as a single plate kit, or a pair of two (if you want two anchor points to separate the straps like a traditional swing).


  • Weight Capacity:  100kg Each
  • Plate Diameter:  12cm


What's Included: 1x Anchor Plate, 4x Expansion Bolts, 4x Wood Screws, 1x Carabiner, 1x Adjustment Strap (110cm)  NOTE: all of these numbers are double if you order a pair