Vibration Cushion


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    Does your child have trouble sitting calmly for a short time?

    Do they struggle with change in their life or their day?

    Do they have symptoms of anxiety and cling to you or need you within eyesight at all times?

    According to Occupational Therapists, the gentle vibration emitted by our Vibration Cushion (when it is activated with pressure) helps the brain to feel safe by reminding it where the body is in space, and by flooding it with a lovely sensory input which calms the fight/flight response. It can really encourage the body to calm down and relax.

    It really helps with anxiety or sleeping difficulties, and the gentle vibration is also a great way to introduce vibration to children with sensory processing sensitivities as well.

    Using a Vibration Cushion during times that require concentration on a task (by sitting or leaning on it) can also result in better focus and attention. It is often prescribed for those with learning difficulties, ADHD or children who seek movement and have trouble sitting calmly, with reports of more successful mat time or learning time at school, meals at the dining table, and longer rides in the car.