Round Gym Ball


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Our super high quality anti-burst gym balls are lightweight and durable.

This ball doesn’t need a super introduction because its been a super part of therapy rooms, homes and classrooms for years.

What doesn’t the Gym ball do is almost a better question!
It can be used for:

  • Core strength
  • Heavy work
  • Balance
  • Bilateral integration
  • Seating option - increases ability to concentrate during desk top tasks
  • Calm down tool - apply firm pressure when your super hero is lying face down



  • Colour: Silver
  • Size: 55cm
  • Max. load capacity: 100kg
  • Material: PVC
  • Foot pump included



In this video, a highly experienced Occupational Therapist (Deb Bone), shows us a lovely calming 'deep pressure' technique using a Round Gym Ball, which is great for the end of the day.

And Here's an idea of a way to use a Round Gym Ball with a mini trampoline to improve coordination and endurance.


Also comes in a value bundle called the DESK SETUP BUNDLE - with a Sloped Writing Board, Vibration Cushion, Round Air Cushion, Round Gym Ball / Peanut Ball, Stretch Band and Pencil Grips