Stretch Band


This thin piece of therapy band is filled with many possibilities to create super heroes:

  • Heavy work that activates those receptors in your joints and deep muscles like pulling, pushing, climbing and kicking
  • Improves core strength
  • Upper arm & shoulder strengthening
  • Lower arm, wrist & hand strengthening (super important for writing skills)
  • Tie around chair legs to create a foot fidget / bounce

Our own Occupational Therapists have tested and selected this super high quality, professional grade product to provide you with only the best!  

Length: 1.5m

Strength: Medium 

Also comes in a value bundle called the DESK SETUP KIT - with a Sloped Writing Board, Vibration Cushion, Round Air Cushion, Round Gym Ball / Peanut Ball, Stretch Band and Pencil Grips