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Stretch Band


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Does your Little Super Hero have hypermobile joints or low muscle tone?

Do they tire faster than their friends or siblings when going about their day, playing or exercising?

Do they under-respond to movement or have reduced proprioception awareness (where their body is in space) and therefore seek this input?

Do they bounce their feet or rock on their chair a lot when they're sitting down?

- - -

They may benefit from a Stretch Band for:

  • doing physio or OT prescribed exercises to improve their body awareness, core strength, upper arm and shoulder strength, lower arm strength and wrist and hand strength (super important for writing skills)
  • doing 'heavy work', which activates the receptors in their joints and deep muscles like pulling, pushing, climbing and kicking
  • tying it around their chair legs to create a foot fidget / bounce tool - helping them actually stay seated and focusing on their task 
  • simply using during play in many different ways!

- - -

Our Occupational Therapist friends helped us test a few options, and have selected this professional grade product to make sure it's durable and safe... as we want to provide you with only the very best!  

- - -


  • Size: 1.5m long x 15cm wide 
  • Strength: Medium  
  • Colour: Blue


  • Recommended for ages 3+ years.
  • Use only under competent adult supervision.

- - -

Also comes in a value bundle called the DESK SETUP BUNDLE - with a Sloped Writing Board, Vibration Cushion, Round Air Cushion, Round Gym Ball / Peanut Ball, Stretch Band and Pencil Grips