Chat with Jenna

Our founding owner Jenna is available for free phone or video consultations by appointment. 

Feel free to talk through what’s going on with your Little Super Hero, learn more about sensory equipment, see demonstrations of our favourite life-changing products, and ask ALL of your questions!

Jenna is an Autistic, ADHD & PDA woman... mother of two children with the same wiring plus Dyslexia, other Specific Learning Disorders, Epilepsy, and a chronic headache disease.  Jenna has also completed hundreds of hours of informal learning (as a special interest) through interviews, workshops and courses... including ‘Future of Mothers’

Click here and complete the form if you would like to book a phone call with Jenna.  Please include two days and times that you prefer for the phone call and Jenna will reply with her availability.


Jenna and daughter