NDIS Orders


You have two options when shopping with us:
A)  Order online and pay now, then process your NDIS claim through MyGov to reimburse yourself.  You will automatically receive a tax invoice from us stating Paid In Full.
B)  Submit a 'Request for Invoice' (as per the below steps under the Plan Managed heading), submit your own NDIS claim through MyGov, then do a bank transfer to us to complete your order.


Request an invoice from our online store Shopping Cart, then submit it to your Plan Manager who will pay us directly :
  1. 'Log in' to our store as a returning customer or create an account as a new customer.  
  2. Add the shipping address for this order (click on 'View Addresses') including name, address and mobile number and tick 'Set as default address'.  
  3. Add all items to your cart  (DO NOT 'Checkout'), keeping in mind that if your order is under $250 then the $9 shipping fee will be added to your invoice before it reaches your inbox.  Click here to view our shipping rates.
  4. Once you are happy with your order in the cart, scroll down the cart page and check the details in the form, select your state, then add the NDIS Participant's Name, NDIS Number and any relevant discount code or notes.
  5. Click Request Invoice
  6. Check for either a confirmation or error message.
  7. NOTE: if you nothing happens when you click the 'Request Invoice' button then you may need to try adding an exception to your web browser's 'Ad Blocker' list, to allow ads from our website.  Please send us a message here if you need help doing this.
  8. Check your inbox for an email from us with your invoice attached as a PDF.  If you can't see it then try checking your spam or junk folder.
  9. Forward the invoice to your Plan Manager

NOTE: This is an invoice only (valid for 30 days) which becomes an active order only once payment has been received into our bank account, at which time you will receive an order confirmation email.  Please note that we do not guarantee availability of your colour or design selection as it is an invoice only.  If your order is time critical or you're concerned about availability or colour choice, then please send us an email to contact@sensorysuperheroes.com


Unfortunately we cannot help you with purchasing therapeutic resources if your budget is NDIA (Agency) managed.  As we are a small a family business, we have chosen to not register with the NDIA at this time. This may change in the future. For those that are NDIA managed, we welcome private purchases and consider our products to be very reasonably priced.



If you're wondering whether you're allowed to purchase items from our store using NDIS funding, the answer is generally yes, however it's important to check:

  • Is there an 'Assistive Technology' budget included in the plan?  Assistive Technology and Consumables form part of the 'Core Budget', which is designed to fund the supports that help with the participant's everyday activities, their current disability related needs, and things that help them work towards their goals. Consumables are everyday items they may need such as continence products or low-risk & low-cost assistive technology and equipment to improve their independence.
  • What are the goals in the plan and what everyday or low cost items will help the participant achieve those goals (for example, to improve emotional regulation).
If you're unsure, then your Local Area Coordinator (if self-managed) or your Plan Manager contact (if plan-managed) would be able to answer more specific questions relevant to you of your child's specific plan.

We send essential therapy items all over Australia