Therapy Putty


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This high quality theraputty has been tested and selected by our own Occupational Therapists.  It is made of amazing material that is firm enough to develop strength and tone but soft enough to squeeze.  It is the best way to develop the muscles of the hand in the correct way... and so much fun.  It's a super hero favourite!

Comes with activity suggestions on laminated cards.


  • Small (100g)
  • Large (300g)


  • Soft (orange)
  • Medium (green)


  • Latex and Gluten Free
  • For use by those over 3 years due to choking risk
  • We recommend washing hands at meal times (after handling putty)
  • Do not allow this product to come into contact with fabric as it binds with the fibres and may be difficult to remove.

Also comes in a value bundle called the SENSORY BREAK BAG - with a Weighted Lap Blanket, Noise Reducing Earmuffs, Therapy Putty, Visual Glitter Storm, Chewable Necklace Pendant, Chewable Fidget Tubing, and a Squishy Fidget Dog.