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Through healing love, creative courage and contagious curiosity, we as a Sensory Super Heroes community can beat our butterfly wings and ripple our change across the globe, shepherding in a new era of acceptance and belonging... and lifting up all little super heroes as they shine brightly and show us the way.

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Sensory Super Heroes is owned and run by Aussie Mums diagnosed as adults as Autistic & ADHD, and raising children with the same wiring. We are all about helping 'little super heroes' like us and our kids... and passing on the knowledge we have gained.

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Why We Love Gymnastics
Why We Love Gymnastics

by Jenna Schade March 28, 2021

Chloe has recently started gymnastics in a group class once a week and has really blown us away with her effort, focus, and commitment.

The class has now grown to 10 children, and it goes for 1.5 hours... but I still see her every week walking through the front door without hesitation and lining up to follow instructions and improve her skills.

The important thing to note (just from my observation) is the club we have joined has an amazing vibe and culture with supportive and positive coaches... and a very caring and empathetic director.  It is also air conditioned, doesn't smell, is kept very clean and well maintained, and has fun music playing but not too loud.  All of the children wear matching soft club t-shirts, and they have firm rules and routines that are the same every single class (but the students are reminded of the rules with kindness and a cheeky smile).

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My boundary for myself (and my daughter) from a place of love
My boundary for myself (and my daughter) from a place of love

by Jenna Schade January 20, 2021 3 Comments

Tonight was it.

I decided it was the last fight I would have with our ASD, PDA, ADHD, SPD daughter Chloe about the two main topics of brushing teeth and having a bath or shower.  She will be 9 in a few months.  She is capable of these tasks but finds them much trickier to do, and much more physically uncomfortable than approximately 99% of her peers.  Yes she is the 1% that somehow hasn't progressed or improved with her aversion to these tasks in the 8 years we have been going through the same routine and polite requests every single day.  Let that sink in for a moment.  I'm talking almost 3,000 times where I have said to her "it's time for your bath" and many more thousand times I have said "let's brush your teeth".  Yet still, almost every day, our relationship gets to experience a disagreement about these basic tasks.

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