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"Deb and Jenna are easy to communicate with and work with to provide fantastic quality products that are suitable for my child to assist him in everyday life and especially at school. Thank you so much."  - Rachel

"Such a fantastic team who offer amazing products at great prices. I run a tuition centre and we use Sensory Super Hero products for many of our students. My son with ASD also benefits greatly from using the products. We love the slope board, wobble stool, pencil grips, vibration cushions and Jett Proof clothing to name a few! Awesome company and awesome, knowledgeable staff!!"  - Tammy

"I was lost this year when my son was diagnosed with SPD.  But then I found Sensory Super heroes, Deb and Jenna are amazing. The guidance they have offered has helped me get my head around a whole lot. Their products have given so much to my son. From the grotto pencil grips which have improved his handwriting, to the chew necklaces that have saved his clothes and to the stool. Now not only has he gone from not being able to sit still in class or sit on the floor at all to now being able to concentrate in class and sit for up to 10 mins on the floor, it is an amazing improvement. Without the support of Deb and Jenna and their products I am sure we would all still be struggling..."  - Emma 

"Great stools. Kids absolutely are happy with them. Very calming for my eldest daughter, and helps my son too, as he gets some movement whilst doing homework etc. Thanks sensory superheroes!"  - Joanne

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