Earmuffs Combo with Hard Carry Case

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THIS IS A VALUE COMBO which includes: 1 x  Earmuffs (Blue, Silver or Mint) & 1 x Hard Carry Case

We have bundled our Ems earmuffs and a hard carry case together to provide extra value to families and their little superheroes. Purchasing the earmuffs and carry case together not only saves you money, but also brings peace of mind.

Also available at a discounted price in the OUT AND ABOUT BUNDLE - with a Weighted Lap Blanket, a Chewable Necklace, and a Snapper Squeeze Fidget.



Do you know someone that may be Auditory Hypersensitive?

Our earmuffs are ideal for Little Super Heroes that have Auditory Hypersensitivity and find that events or busy environments easily put them into sensory overload.

'Auditory Overload' is when the brain becomes so overwhelmed by the amount of sound information it needs to process, that it:

  • cannot focus on other things it's supposed to be doing
  • cannot predict what will happen next based on the sensory information it's receiving (because it cannot process it for the moment), so therefore
  • cannot keep us safe, and if it stays there long enough
  • pops us automatically into a 'fight flight freeze' response which can look like anxiety, shallow breathing, grumpiness, faster heart rate, trouble completing a task already started, trouble remembering the steps of doing a simple task, and needing to leave the room quickly etc.

This overload may happen more easily to some people (eg. those with Autism, ADHD or Sensory Processing Disorder), as their brain can be literally structurally different to a neurotypical brain, and therefore struggle to integrate the sensory information coming in the way it should.  Therefore it may be paying WAY too much attention to the sounds in the environment... rather than ignoring sounds that are not important (gee... thanks brain! 🤦‍♀️).

Research and observation now shows that the issue isn't necessarily just really loud noise, or sudden noise.  It can just be a few different things going quietly at once (like conversations, music, kids playing nearby, a dog barking a few houses away, birds chirping over the back fence, and a dishwasher or similar quiet appliance going), that can really affect someone's overload and ability to regulate themselves!

Why not try some of our earmuffs at the next family gathering and see if you notice a difference!
  • Iconic 'Ems for Kids' brand, which is Australian Owned
  • Direct conversation can still be heard
  • They have a calming affect as they reduce the overall amount of sound coming in, eliminate some quieter background white noise altogether, and can reduce that 'alert' experienced when there is a sudden loud sound
  • Can be used in a wide variety of settings – eg. school events, family gatherings, in shopping centres, when there's a loud noise at home like a lawnmower, and at concerts or sporting events
  • They also protect your child’s hearing!
  • Compact and Foldable (small enough to fit in an adult's hand when folded)
  • Lightweight (just 190 grams) but sturdy
  • These do not have inbuilt speakers (Audio Headphones with Bluetooth available separately)
  • Suitable for toddlers through to teenagers (we even know some adults with a smaller head who enjoy the fit but it's up to each individual's preference)
  • Size adjustable headband and extendable metal arms allow the earmuffs to grow with your child
  • Not recommended for infants under 6 months of age


"Most headphones are huge on [my son] so it's great that these fit snuggly.  They block out more noise than standard ones so he's able to concentrate more." - Annette


  • 26 Decibel (dB) Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)
  • Mean Attenuation @ 500Hz: 25.7dB
  • Mean Attenuation @ 1000Hz: 35.2dB
  • Dimensions: 10cm H 12cm W (folded); 17cm H 13cm W (opened)
  • Colours: Blue, Silver, Mint
  • Tested to U.S. (ANSI S3.19) and European (EN352-1:2002) Safety Standards
  • Designed in Australia
  • Made in Taiwan
  • IMPORTANT: Our earmuffs are NOT a toy, and should always be used under adult supervision.



Protect the earmuffs that protect those little ears with our zip-up carry case!

Our Ems for Kids hard case is durable and lightweight, making it easy to transport your earmuffs as you travel. Featuring a full width zip-up lid, separate internal storage and detachable carry strap.