Crash Bag

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Plush & Premium Crash Bags

We absolutely love our snuggly and soft Crash bags! They are made locally with love and expertise to be high quality, safe and perfectly heavy.  With two layers of durable but soft bags (outer layer is removable for washing) and loads of foam filling that is hand-cut into perfectly sized pieces, these crash bags are simply the best in Australia!

Is your little super hero constantly on the move? Do they need to be crashing into you, your furniture and flipping upside down?  They may be needing MORE movement 'input' than others in order to feel "just right" and need a safe place to do this.  

Our crash bags are ideal for a movement zone in your home or covered outdoor area, and popular for schools, day care centres and therapy clinics.  They provide a fun way for little super heroes to get their heavy work and deep pressure input needs met.  They can be used for crashing into, rolling across, laying between two layers, or simply relaxing.

Our ALL NEW Plush Material Crash Bags are proving so popular with our sensory lovers that some are nearly out of stock already!!  They are a bumpy textured plush on one side and smooth plush on the other. 

Check out our HUGE range of colours and prints below.

Available in two sizes:

  • LARGE 210cm x 140cm 

      • These are LARGE so that kids can stretch out full length, and can run and jump on them on their tummies with a full body crash! 

      • To get an idea of how much space this will take up in the room try laying out a SINGLE size doona on the floor... they are a similar size :-)

      • Check out my Crash Bag information video for a good idea of how big they are.  

  • REGULAR 140cm x 140cm 

      • These are the same width as a LARGE but are a square shape.

      • To get an idea of how much space the REGULAR crash bag will take up in the room,  try lying a SINGLE size doona on the floor and fold one corner over so that the doona is in the shape of a square.  :-)


NEW OPTION!! Add a Water Protection Layer...

These are an EXTRA cover that goes in between the inner bag and the plush cover. 

You can now add a water protection layer to protect them from little accidents or spills - add $59 for large and $49 for regular

Due to popular request we have invented a soft water resistant layer to add to the crash bags.  (For example: We've had a few customers particularly concerned about the household pet that has lots of indoor accidents and the new crash bag would be a prime target!!) 

Our primary motivator in everything we do is reducing the overwhelm for parents and carers.... so now there is one less thing to worry about :-D 

The water protection layer is simple... it is the same soft cotton material as the inner bag and has a soft plastic coating (like a cot mattress protector). The layer goes in between the cotton inner bag and the soft plush outer layer, so most importantly it still allows you to feel the textures and shapes of soft squishy foam pieces, but have the added protection against accidents and spills. YAY!!!

If the bag gets wet simply whip of the outer layer and water protection layer, give them a wash and pop them back on :-)



For Crash Bag orders, as these are hand-made please allow an additional 3-7 business days for delivery on top of the standard delivery time. (If you need it urgently please let us know) Thank you xo


CLICK HERE to watch my Crash Bag information video !

Our own little video... to answer many of your FAQs about our special Crash Bags.

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