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Snapper Squeeze Fidget - 10 Pack

$55.00 $65.00

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This is a 10 (ten) Pack of our Squishy Snapper Squeeze Fidget.
Our Snapper Squeeze Fidget is a fun fidget tool that's also great for improving hand strength.  It can assist in concentration and focus during tasks as well as during times of high anxiety, as the deep pressure is a strong sensory input that calms the nervous system.  

This fidget toy is ideal for keeping hands busy during car trips (especially to and from school), during outings for stress relief, and at homework time (try it in one hand, out of sight under the table).

The satisfying snap feeling from the suction cups can be repeated over and over, giving a wonderful cause and effect reward, and encouraging a lot of hand strengthening therapy without the child realising, as it's so fun!

  • Fits easily in pockets
  • Strong and durable
  • Colour: rainbow
  • Size: 6cm x 6cm
  • Material: smooth silicone (BPA-free)
  • Ages: 3+