Mini Trampoline


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    Does your child need help to get going for the day?

    Do they need help to get their alert / arousal level back up after screen time?

    Do they need help to improve their fitness, motor coordination or trunk endurance?

    Do they seem to be seeking more deep pressure input than others their age (ie. crash tackling people and furniture?)

    They may be needing more proprioceptive and vestibular sensory input than others in order to feel "just right". Their brain may need help with knowing where their body is in space.

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    According to OTs, trampolines are an important therapy tool that provide a huge amount of strong proprioceptive and vestibular sensory input - which helps with knowing where your body is in space and gets the arousal level up to where it needs to be (eg. in the morning to get you ready for the day).

    When combined with a challenging circuit, specific activity (like throwing and catching a ball whist jumping and counting) or a fun song - they can really help to improve self-confidence, motor coordination, fitness and trunk endurance.

    According to OTs, they can also help to improve praxis (ability to coordinate and sequence through different motor patterns) as they provide access to many different movement patterns.

    From what we've heard from parents and therapists, neuro-divergent pre-teens and teenagers seem to be looking for new ways of moving their body at home and at school, and have often experienced a lack of success in group sports throughout the years.