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Crash Bag Combo with Mini Trampoline


THIS IS A VALUE COMBO which includes: 1 x Crash Bag (AKA Crash Pad); 1 x Mini Trampoline



We absolutely love our snuggly and soft Crash Bag (AKA Crash Pad / Crash Mat / Crashbag). They are made locally with love and expertise to be high quality, safe and perfectly heavy.  With two layers of durable but soft bags (outer layer is removable for washing) and loads of foam filling that is hand-cut into perfectly sized pieces, these crash bags are simply the best in Australia!

Is your little super hero constantly on the move?  Do they need to be crashing into you, your furniture and flipping upside down?  They may be needing MORE movement 'input' than others in order to feel "just right" and need a safe place to do this.  

Our crash bags are ideal for a movement zone in your home or covered outdoor area, and popular for schools, day care centres and therapy clinics.  They provide a fun way for little super heroes to get their heavy work and deep pressure input needs met.  They can be used for crashing into, rolling across, laying between two layers, or simply relaxing.

The plush outer layer has a bumpy textured feel on one side and a smooth plush feel on the other. 


  • Watch this FAQ video we created... to see what our crash bags are made of and what they look like.  It's all the things we would chat about if we spoke in person. 


  • Dimensions Large - approximately 1.9m long x 1.3m wide x 0.5m high.  This is our best seller as it's big enough to allow kids to run and crash onto their tummy with a full body crash, and allow multiple kids and adults to lounge on it together (to get an idea of how much space this will take up in the room... imagine a double bed mattress on floor).
  • Dimensions Regular - approximately 1.3m long x 1.3m wide x 0.5m high.  This is best for small homes or apartments (it's the same width as a Large, but a square rather than a rectangle).
  • Water Protection Layer - add this in between the cotton inner layer and the plush cover to protect the contents from little accidents, spills, or pet mishaps.  It is very soft but with a plastic coating on the inside (not noisy or crunchy).
  • Production timeframe - 2 to 5 business days as our Crash Bags are made to order and in high demand.
  • Shipping - orders that include a Crash Bag incur a $29 delivery fee.
  • Care - we recommend giving your Crash Bag a big shake up every now and then as the foam may become compacted.  The size and shape of your crash bag will vary, depending on how compacted the foam is at the time.

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    According to OTs, trampolines are a really important therapy tool that provide a huge amount of strong proprioceptive and vestibular sensory input - which helps with knowing where your body is in space and gets the arousal level up to where it needs to be (eg. in the morning to get you ready for the day).

    When combined with a challenging circuit, specific activity (like throwing and catching a ball whist jumping and counting) or a fun song - they can really help to improve self confidence, motor coordination, fitness and trunk endurance.  

    According to OTs, they can also help to improve praxis (ability to coordinate and sequence through different motor patterns) as they provide access to many different movement patterns.

    What's great is that they are really suitable for children (and adults) of most ages and abilities, as they are so fun and versatile! 

    From what I've heard from parents and therapists, neuro-divergent pre-teens and teenagers seem to be looking for new ways of moving their body at home and at school, and have often experienced a lack of success in group sports throughout the years.


    • provides a rewarding experience and the motivation to use it daily
    • small enough tool to fit in most spaces in homes, classrooms, special education units and of course in therapy settings
    • a mostly silent tool - so great for those that live in a unit complex or with multiple siblings that could be disrupted by loud noise
    • suitable for children (and adults) of most ages and abilities
    • really helpful for children with Autism, Sensory Processing difficulties and ADHD and even children without a diagnosis


    • Weight capacity: maximum 100kg
    • Trampoline frame size: 92cm across
    • Package dimensions: 1m x 1m x 0.1m
    • Package weight: 7kg
    • Colour: black mat with royal blue skirt
    • Materials: frame (steel), springs (galvanized steel), jumping mat (polypropylene UV resistant material) & spring cover (PVC & sponge)
    • CE Certificate of Compliance - tested for compliance with required international and Australian safety standards
    • Made in China


    • Recommended for ages 3+ years.
    • Use only under competent adult supervision.
    • No more than one person at a time.
    • Only use on a level and stable surface.
    • Keep at least two metres away from hard objects and allow one metre from head to ceiling.
    • Keep fingers clear of moving parts at all times.