Sloped Writing Board


This super awesome locally made quality perspex writing board is sloped at the ideal 20 degree angle to create the perfect writing surface as it assists your super hero to maintain a:

  • correct pencil grasp
  • ideal wrist position for writing
  • ideal sitting posture

It features a book catch (ledge) at the bottom and rubber stoppers underneath to prevent it from slipping.  It has been tested by our experienced Occupational Therapists who love that it makes it easier for your little super heroes to use their fingers whilst drawing and writing instead of their whole hand!  

Dimensions: 40cm x 36cm

Also comes in a value bundle called the DESK SETUP KIT - with a Sloped Writing Board, Vibration Cushion, Round Air Cushion, Round Gym Ball / Peanut Ball, Stretch Band and Pencil Grips