Community Education Goals

We believe in educating families, schools and the general public about Sensory Processing Difficulties and associated conditions to promote happiness and confidence in all little super heroes.

We do this by sharing our expertise, offering an easy and affordable solution, and ultimately empowering parents and teachers to set their little heroes up for success.

We have carefully chosen and tested the best sensory products, and offer exciting seminars and packages.  We are an Occupational Therapist and a 'special needs' parent, so we get it... and we are all about helping the kids and helping you!


As we launch into Phase 2 of the Sensory Super Heroes initiative we are very excited to announce that we are....

So, for a bit of fun - we are tracking our goals below!

GOAL 2 - 100 of our portal members recruited as Sensory Super Heroes Ambassadors.

GOAL 3 - 10000 people reached in Sensory Super Heroes live education forums, conferences, and events.

GOAL 4 - 10 people, We know...