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Weighted Blanket Combo with Plush Cover

$193.00 $233.00

This is a value bundle with includes: 1 x Weighted Blanket  (Single Bed Size) & 1 x Plush Cover to fit it.

Our super soft and snuggly Weighted Blankets with plush covers are a high-quality product made with glass microbeads that almost feel like sand, so they're not lumpy or noisy. 

They feel like a large hug that doesn't stop.

This option includes the padded weighted “inner” and a plush and snuggly cover of your choice (all cover designs are plush with a smooth surface on one side and raised bumps on the other side)

Our weighted blankets are larger than many others on the Australian market (sometimes almost twice the size), so not only can they fit into any single doona cover, but they are also more likely to cover a child or adult all night, and allow for those that move around a lot during sleep.

For a person living with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD or Anxiety, the positive effects of weighted items like blankets are huge!  They provide the much needed "deep pressure" which has a calming effect on the neurological system and the body’s fight or flight response, aiding in falling to sleep and getting a restful night’s sleep.

The affect of a peaceful bedtime routine then helps the whole family... and a good night's sleep of course improves behaviour and sensory issues the next day!

Of course, the effects will vary with each child.  Research suggests that weighted items should be approx 10% of the person’s body weight for optimum results.

  • Super quiet, super soft design, perfect for sleeping
  • Hygienic micro glass bead fill (Not rice, sand or poly pellets)
  • Washable, durable design
  • Comes with drawstring bag
  • Size: Standard Single Bed Doona - 210cm x 140cm 
    (Please note that our blankets are bigger than most because we want ours to be the same size as a normal single bed doona cover! So it is not too different from what they are used to and could will also fit perfectly inside your super heroes favourite doona cover if they want to :-))
  • Current weight options:
    • 3kg;
    • 5kg;
    • 7kg;
IMPORTANT: When your blanket arrives please read the care instructions on the label of the weighted blanket insert.