Visual Glitter Storm


Best placed in your calming area, these beautiful visual tubes help children to relax.  Loved by so many... glitter storms have great visual appeal and are calming and relaxing for those who enjoy visual input.  Socially appropriate for all ages, these amazing little life changes are great for car trips and are just the right size for a desk, bookshelf or bedside table!

We love these glitter tubes because as well as being calming, the glitter also provides a visual tracking activity that helps to improve visual development.

Available in two calming and super cool colours:
 - Soft Blue
 - Calming Purple

Height: 15cm


  • Non-toxic materials used - 100% safe - adhere to all Australia standards
  • Contains glitter suspended in an oil solution (combination of paraben, water, glycerol and colouring) which floats for up to five minutes before settling
  • Tube is made of acrylic plastic
  • IMPORTANT: Will not withstand being thrown or dropped onto hard surfaces
  • Contains mineral oils which may smell strongly if the product breaks
  • Use under supervision

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not suitable for children under 3 or children that may throw or drop this item on a hard surface as it is breakable.