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This is your chance to have a video chat with Jen to talk through what’s going on with your Little Super Hero, learn more about sensory equipment, see demonstrations of our favourite life-changing products, and ask ALL of your questions!

Jen is an Autistic, ADHD & PDA woman... mother of a neurodivergent child (Autistic, ADHD, PDA, Anxiety, a significant Sensory Processing Condition, a Learning Disability, Epilepsy, and a chronic headache condition)... and is one of the founding owners of Sensory Super Heroes.

Jen has also completed hundreds of hours of informal learning (as a special interest) through interviews, workshops and courses... including ‘Future of Mothers’

Note: Available during school terms Tuesday to Friday.  Booking is for roughly 30 minutes

Please send us a message here if you have any questions.

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