Calming Swing Stand


This is a large swing stand which comes in a box, ready for assembly.  It has a wide and stable base (compared to other pod-swing stands and the like), and is suitable for both inside and outside use. 

For installation outside, please consider buying some Spiral Pegs for securing it to the ground.

We also sell it in a bundle with a Calming Swing Wrap.



  • Includes Swing Stand ONLY (and 3 straps as hanging points). 
  • NOTE: Visit the Calming Swing Combo with Stand for the combo of both the lycra wrap swing and swing stand together.
  • Stand Size: Height 190 cm, Width 205 cm, Depth 193 cm
  • Box Size: 120cm x 44cm x 9cm 
  • Stand weighs: 18kg
  • Includes 3 x straps and a swivel, for hanging many different types of swings from one or multiple points
  • Hanging points are adjustable horizontally
  • Stand is weather resistant, so can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Weight limit: 150kg


  • Recommended for use by those aged 3+
  • All children should be supervised by an adult when using this product
  • Make sure small children can safely get in and out of attached swing
  • We recommend to have a soft surface underneath
  • We recommend that children should be discouraged from climbing onto the top of the stand