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Sleep Bundle

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This Sleep Bundle is a little selection of our 'best sellers' for helping your Little Super Hero at bedtime.  We wanted to offer a super generous saving for this bundle as we know that sleep is very important and we also know that getting to sleep can be a common problem for our neuro-divergent customers.

This bundle offers a 40% saving, and is valued at $179 / $199 / $219 (depending on the weight of the blanket), and includes:

The use of a Weighted Blanket when falling to sleep (and staying asleep) can be life changing, as we have heard over and over from our customers and also experienced ourselves! 

We've been told that the heavy weight provides the much needed "deep pressure" sensory input that many of us are craving (which is possibly because it has a LOVELY calming effect on the neurological system and the body’s fight or flight response... helping our brain to know 'we are safe').

The large Ooze Tube is a beautiful visual tool that is perfect for keeping on a bedside table.  It can help your Little Super Hero relax and unwind at bedtime, as they can focus their attention on the slow-moving goop and enjoy watching it fall to the bottom like flowing lava.

Try using the Squishy Fidget as a way to focus an anxious mind and slow it down.  You could ask your child to hold the squishy fidget whilst closing their eyes... then think about what it feels like, what it smells like, and count how long it takes to return to size after it's squished.  Maybe you can incorporate a breathing exercise in time with each squish and slow release (like inflating a balloon inside their belly, then imagine they are slowly letting the air out of the balloon as they breathe out).

We also highly recommend adding a meditation / visualisation book to this bundle by buying one online (click links below) and reading a different story to your child each night.  My favourites are:

Some Little Super Heroes may also benefit from having the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol done on them at bedtime.  We haven't included our Therapy Brush in this bundle, as it's only appropriate for those that have been trained be a qualified Occupational Therapist in this technique.