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Scooter Board


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A Scooter Board is a popular piece of equipment in OT and physio clinics.  They're also great for at home or in schools.

Our large and comfortable scooter board has been designed as a longer rectangle shape to support the entire torso when lying on it in a 'superman' pose for example.  It also has much larger wheels than all other scooter boards sold in Australia, which is important for the ease at which it starts moving and also travels over uneven or slightly bumpy surfaces (a much smoother ride on tiles for example, than other brands).

It's one of those great multi-tools... working on so many areas for our Little Super Heroes:

  • Core strength;
  • Bilateral integration;
  • Improved balance and coordination;
  • Providing movement breaks full of heavy work with pulling, crawling and pushing;
  • Creativity as part of an obstacle course, just to name a few.


Should only be use on your tummy or bottom as standing on it could be dangerous.  Our OT friends tell us that lying on your back on the board is not ideal as it is an 'alerting' position, rather than calming and organising for the neurological system.

  • Please use with adult supervision
  • Sturdy timber construction - maximum weight capacity is 100kg
  • Do not stand on board
  • Dimensions: 31cm x 60cm
  • Colour: Blue