Pencil Topper Chess Piece


This is a little bit of super power built into their pencil!

What is in your child’s hands most of their school day?  The mighty pencil… it’s mightier than the sword apparently... so why would the pencil topper help?

For our little super heroes who seek oral input by chewing on the end of their pencil, these are safe, discreet and easily push onto the end of your pencil. 

Because teachers need chewable options for each oral sensory seeking child in their classroom and need it in different colours. They don’t need a chewy option that can become a weapon.

A chewy pencil topper fits onto a pencil that only belongs to your child. It’s a revolution!  It also easily hides in a pocket so as to not draw attention to chewing habits of higher functioning children.  

Non-toxic, washable and safe to chew.  Used by Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapists.  Ages 3+

Colour/s: Blue

Available in multipacks:

- 3 pack (save 7%)