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Holiday Fun Bundle

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We've thoughtfully put together this special value bundle for the school holidays, to help you survive the weeks ahead with possibly a high anxiety / high energy Little Super Hero at home or out and about. 

Based on experience (and speaking to hundreds of parents), we find that offering lots of things to chew, fidget with, and bounce on can really help Little Super Heroes to regulate themselves through all the excitement (and hopefully not get into trouble from family or annoy siblings as much).

Valued at $83... we wanted to offer you this bag of goodies at a really good discount... as a gift from our family to yours... and help you set your child up for success during the holidays.

This Holiday Bundle Includes:

  • Carry Bag with drawstring
  • Peanut Ball - for using up energy and getting lovely strong movement and joint compression sensory input
  • Squeeze Snapper Fidget - for a satisfying pop sensation whilst squeezing hard with their hand - very calming and also keeping hands and fingers strong through the holidays when they're not doing as much handwriting
  • Squishy Fidget Mr Husky - for a calming friend to squeeze, pat, and smell (gentle strawberry vanilla smell) whilst taking deep breaths 
  • 100g Therapy Putty (choose soft or medium) - includes activity instructions cards, for a quiet yet satisfying activity that requires firm squishing, squeezing, and hiding / finding marbles in the putty.  You can even ask them to roll it into a log then cut into little dumplings with scissors.  Improve finger dexterity and hand strength in a really fun way!
  • Chewable Necklace Pendant (choose Camo Puzzle Piece or Navy Feet) - for easy of self regulation / stimming in a healthy way, from the convenient location around their neck!  Great for anxious moments or activities like family gatherings.