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Elastic Shoelaces


Our super-easy elastic shoelaces may look like regular shoelaces, but try them for yourself and you’ll realise that their innovative yet simple design is nothing short of a revolution for shoes. Elastic shoelaces are here to stay!

The ultra-smooth quality elastic is made to appear just as regular laces (no curly bits, pull-strings, clips, magnets or bungies) and slides with ease into any shoe, with the toggles locking the laces into the left and right top holes to offer slip-on functionality in a flash!   

Why Elastic Shoelaces?


  • Easily turn your shoes into slip-ons: classic look, neat and stylish.
  • Forget tying, knots, bows, tripping: Our shoelaces lock in place.
  • Ultra-smooth quality elastic is non-curly and made to resemble standard laces.

 Available in black or white.


Different shoes have different hole configurations and the same “size” of shoe might need a very different length of shoelace.

Forget complicated size guides and guess work!  

Read our newly developed EASY ELASTIC SHOELACES MEASUREMENT GUIDE for our tips on measuring the size of elastic shoelaces you need.

IMPORTANT: Use the shoe that you want to put our elastic shoelaces in (different shoes have different hole configurations and the same “size” of shoe might need a very different length of shoelace).

SIMPLY measure your existing shoelaces that you want to replace with elastic ones:

  • Put the shoe on the wearer's foot and pull up the normal shoelace until they are nice and snug, to the wearer's comfort 
  • Mark the shoelace at two points where it comes out of the very top holes
  • Pull out the shoelace and measure the distance between the marks


Sensory Super Heroes promise:  When you receive your elastic shoelaces please keep the packaging in good order and try them on the shoes straight away.  If for some reason the size you ordered isn't right,simply send them back in their original packaging, undamaged and unused, within 7 days and we will happily swap them for your preferred size.