Chewable Necklace Beaded


Have you noticed that a hot cup of tea is relaxing and a cold drink of water wakes you up?  The same happens for our kids, as the mouth is the strongest regulator to help someone concentrate and organise their thoughts.  

Oral sensory seeking behaviour is normal in babies and infants and is used to self-sooth, self-regulate, and then to explore their world by putting everything into their mouth which helps their sensory motor development and also learn about each object.  

Children over two years old that are still showing oral sensory seeking behaviour (such as putting everything in their mouth, licking random surfaces, chewing on their sleeves or collar, sucking their thumb or chewing on their nails) may have Autism, a Sensory Processing / integration issue, a developmental delay, be lacking another strategy to help themselves calm down if tired or upset, or be in sensory overload.

Oral sensory seeking can become a problem if:

  • the child is putting other people's objects in their mouth that have been found at school, in public or around the house (from a germs point of view)
  • if the child is destroying their clothing or other items from excessive biting or sucking
  • if the child is causing pain or infection around their fingernails
  • if the child is experiencing bullying due to one of the above problems making them stand out, and therefore may start to experience low self-esteem 

Our Beaded Chewable Necklaces offer a much safer and more socially appropriate option.  They could be super helpful for your child and your family!

Compared to our Pendant Necklaces, they offer a stylish option for our more fashion conscious or older super heroes ❤ 

Spare Quick Release Necklace Cord also available separately.


  • material: food grade silicone (lead, latex, BPA, PVC and phthalate free)
  • each necklace purchase comes with one quick release necklace cord (cord length can be easily adjusted by sliding the clasp along the cord, away from the knot, cutting it shorter, then re-tying a new knot)