Chewable Fidget Tubing


This chewy therapy tubing is filled with many possibilities to create super heroes!

We love that our little super heroes can put this on the end of their pencil for super chewy chewing without damaging the pencil! The Occupational Therapists we work with have recommended this super high quality, professional grade product to provide you with only the best!  They also suggest using a short length to tie around the wrist to use as a super cool chewy/fidget wristband (careful not to make it too tight!). 

Other suggestions are threading it onto a hat cord and for your toddlers tie it to the corner of your favourite blanket or teddy (be careful to keep the lengths long enough that it's not a choking hazard).

Here at Sensory Super Heroes we are passionate about providing tools that allow our little ones to integrate into their everyday activities with ease... which is why we love these great ideas from the Occupational Therapists, but would especially LOVE to hear your creative ideas about how to use this clever chewy tubing.

Length: 1m (you can cut it into smaller lengths as required)

Strength Options: Super Light (yellow), Light (red), Medium (green), Super Heavy (black)

NOTE: Select strength depending on your child’s preference

Please choose the heavier strength tubing (Super Heavy) for biters and for using on pencil tubes.  Dispose at first signs of wear and tear.


Also comes in a value bundle called the SENSORY BREAK BAG - with a Weighted Lap Blanket, Noise Reducing Earmuffs, Therapy Putty, Visual Glitter Storm, Chewable Necklace Pendant, Chewable Fidget Tubing, and a Squishy Fidget Dog.