Invoices & Funding

You have two options when shopping with us:

1. Either place your order and pay immediately using Afterpay, PayPal, or Credit / Debit card.  You will automatically receive an order confirmation, however we can easily send you a tax invoice / receipt after you have placed your order - just send us a quick message to 

2. OR submit a Request for Invoice (no payment required at the time) and wait for your tax invoice to arrive via email - then forward it to the appropriate person for payment, for example your NDIS Plan Manager or your Accounts Payable person if you're ordering for a business.  Please note that this option does not actually place an order with us yet, until payment is received via bank transfer.



Step One
Log in to our store (click 'Log in' in the top right-hand corner of the page, next to the Shopping Cart icon) - as either a returning customer or a new customer.
Step Two
Once logged-in, please check and update/add your default address in your account as the address you would like on your invoice (click on 'view addresses' when you're in your account details screen).
Step Three
Go shopping in our store and add the items you want to the Cart, then go and view your cart (DO NOT click 'Checkout').
Step Four
Once you are happy with your cart, scroll down to the 'Request funding invoice / quote' section:
  • check that your email address and mobile number have come through from your account (NOTE: If you are a Plan Managed NDIS participant, always use your own email rather than your Plan Manager's email)
  • check your address has come through from your account, including suburb, state and postcode
  • add NDIS details and discount code if relevant
  • select state and enter postcode in the 'Shipping Rates Calculator' section
  • click the 'Calculate rates' button
  • select your shipping choice from the drop-down menu
  • click the 'Request Funding Invoice' button.
NOTE: This will automatically create a PDF invoice with your details, address, and your selected shopping cart items, and we will email it to you shortly.
Step Five
Forward your invoice to the appropriate person for payment (eg. your Plan Manager or your Accounts Payable person if you're ordering for a business), then wait to hear from us to let you know that we have received the funds and have activated your order in our system, then be ready to either collect your order or wait for it at your door  :-D   Note: you can always CC us in on your email to your person that will be arranging payment, just to keep the process running smoothly. 


NDIS Information

Do you or your child have 'Assistive Technology included in their NDIS Plan?

Assistive Technology and Consumables form part of the 'Core Budget', which is designed to fund the supports that help your child with everyday activities, their current disability related needs, and thing that help them work towards their goals. Consumables are everyday items they may need such as continence products or low-risk & low-cost assistive technology and equipment to improve their independence.

The key is to think about your child's goals in their plan and think about which everyday or low cost items will help them achieve those goals (for example, to improve emotional regulation).  Your Local Area Coordinator (if self-managed) or your Plan Manager contact (if plan-managed) would be able to answer more specific questions relevant to your child's specific plan.

1. Self Managed - yes you can purchase with us and follow the checkout process as normal, then submit your own claim to reimburse yourself.

2. Plan Managed - follow the instructions above to Request an Invoice.  This will automatically generate an invoice from the products that you have selected in your cart and we will email it to you.  You can forward this email to your Plan Manager for payment and if you like you can copy us in to the email to your plan manager to keep the process running smoothly.

3. NDIA Managed - unfortunately we are not registered as an NDIS provider, so you will need to source products from a different provider that is registered.


For more information, please call 0468 778 737, email us at or message us from our Facebook page.