Calming Swing Combo with Straps

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THIS IS A VALUE COMBO which includes: 1 x Set of Straps for Tree or Beam; 1 x Nylon Wrap Swing (AKA Hammock Swing) & 2 x Carabiners



These straps are specifically designed for use with swings. 

They come as a pair so you can choose to hang with 1 strap and have the swing swivel or spin (and also provide more 'squish' input), or you can use 2 straps to decrease spinning and use with a swinging motion. 

They're easy to set up and strong too, so your kids can be swinging within minutes. You simply pass the strap over a strong branch, then loop the strap through itself. Just have an adult test the straps set-up before use.

  • Weight Capacity: 200kg Each
  • Strap dimensions: 120cm Long & 4cm Wide
  • Colour: Black 
  • What's Included: 2 Tree Straps with Swivels and Carabiners



Our extra soft, smooth and beautifully stretchy Calming Swing Wrap (also known as a Cuddle Therapy Swing or Hammock Swing) has been described as a dream come true!  For our founding owner Jenna... it is probably the most important sensory tool in her house!

It's said that the use of a stretchy nylon swing is ideal for children with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Conditions, anxiety or low muscle tone.  It's most commonly used as a calming tool for children that need more deep pressure and movement input than others.  It can also be used as an alerting tool, and encourages exercise and movement.  As children climb in, stretch out and move around inside the swing, they develop body awareness, balance, motor planning and spatial skills.

Compared to other swings, this stretchy fabric provides a sensory and visual retreat as it wraps around, whilst providing sensory pressure all over.  It's a fun, private space where a child can either sit, bounce, swing, spin or just stay motionless while enjoying the pressure.

The hanging length is adjustable and the swing can be hung from one or two hanging points.   The smooth and strong nylon fabric that is a bit stretchy - similar to lycra.  

We especially like these sensory swings because of their versatility. 

For more information, please view the full product description HERE.

  • Smooth and Strong Nylon Fabric, also known as a Cuddle Therapy Swing (ends are not sewn onto carabiners)
  • Capacity:  100kg
  • Hanging Length:  Adjustable as user ties ends onto carabiners at desired length
  • Can be hung from 1 or 2 hanging points.
  • Swing Wrap Size:  Large wrap - measuring 450 x 250 cm, this cuddle therapy swing is large enough for a child, an adult, or a child and adult at the same time as long as the total capacity remains under 100kg.
  • Most importantly it allows our little super heroes to stretch right out tall with their arms and legs while they enjoying the swing and cuddle sensation.... It feels great  (speaking from experience 🙂) and it's so wonderful for calming the neurological system! Especially this mumma's! (🤫 ssshhhh... its important to test the products right?!)

  • NOTE: due to the nature of the material and being used by children, some tiny holes may appear after use however in our experience these do not grow in size on their own (without little fingers spreading them) and do not affect the use of the swing)

You can hang the swing from 1 or 2 hanging points. Hanging from 1 point will mean the swing wraps tighter and can spin, while hanging from 2 points will be a bit more open though still fairly tight, and will mainly move forward and backward, not spin.

You'll receive 2 large carabiners with the swing. To set up the swing, you'll need to tie each end through a carabiner. Make sure to double knot it, as the smooth material could slide if only single knotted. Re-tie one end until you have your desired hanging length.  If there is excess material hanging down on one end, sit it in the carabiner. 

Having the carabiners means it's easy to take down and put up without having to re-adjust or retie every time. 

The nylon material is mildew resistant, but can fade with prolonged UV exposure, so it is better as an indoor swing.  If used outdoors, it is best to unclip using the carabiners and store out of the sun and rain when not in use. 

The swing is suggested to be hand-washed, and can be dried on low heat cycle.




For use by Ages 3+ with close ADULT SUPERVISION for all children, or adults with a disability or impairment.  An adult should make sure that the user can get in and out safely, and ideally above a soft surface.

DO NOT allow user to wrap material around their neck, body or limbs.

This swing is intended for lying or sitting in ONLY.

Unclip carabiners to REMOVE SWING and store away WHEN NOT IN USE.

An ADULT should always make sure the child/user of the swing:

  • can get in and out safely;
  • uses the swing appropriately (lying or sitting - do not wrap material around neck, body or limbs);
  • has full control of their body;

Please read all safety and care instructions provided with the swing, and contact us if you have any questions.